Launch of Beehive Creative Global

Beehive Creative is a new agency that has been established to provide innovative education and image solutions for businesses and brands within the hair and fashion arena. From small salon businesses to large corporate brands, Beehive Creative focuses on cutting through competitor noise by spotlighting unique strengths within the individual, organisation, product or service and leveraging these strengths for successful brand exposure.

Beehive Creative is passionate about working with individuals that value creativity and approach new ideas with an open mind and brave spirit. Favouring a personalised partnership methodology that allows for provision of ideas and the encompassing of broader business objectives, Beehive Creative adopts a contemporary operational style and a fresh approach to idea execution.

Beehive Creative is the brainchild of industry prodigy and consummate hair fashion connoisseur Leesa Smith. In her latest role as National Creative Manager for Schwarzkopf Professional, Leesaʼs schedule has been the envy of many fashionistas. From heading up the Creative Direction of Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival and the Hair Expo Gala performances, to regular shoots with mainstream titles such as Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar, her wealth of knowledge gained from first-hand experience is hard to match.

With a deeply ingrained passion for catwalk inspired trends and the way in which fashion houses interpret global style networks to create seasonal collections, Leesa holds her finger on the pulse of every major fashion event worth blogging about. She is constantly seeking to translate high fashion couture cues into accessible snippets of consumer friendly info to educate and inspire. Whilst incessantly travelling the globe to seek out the hottest catwalk trends, Leesa maintains a strong belief that the true core behind her passion for fashion is ʻwhatʼs happeningʼ on the street. For Leesa, individualism is the pulse of fashion, and in turn the most creative medium to inspire thought and emotion. This, she declares is what truly reveals the unique fashion of the persona, beneath their carefully selected outer apparel.

Sayʼs Leesa “ Beehive Creative is about believing in the individual and celebrating diversity. It is about bringing together cross-functional teams, igniting a concept and cohesively launching that concept with team spirit. I believe that being innovative in a modern business environment is challenging. Time pressure, resource allocation and operational commitments preside over think tanking new ideas. It is often difficult to remain objective, think externally and push boundaries when 90% of the time the brand or business has an internal focus. For me Beehive Creative is about providing a catalyst for true innovation and an opportunity for real vision.”